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Tooltips are intended to show some additional information about the image/product. It can be customized. All the settings you can find on the right side menu.

Image settings:

  1. Download image.

Hotspots settings:

  1. Content
    - Set up icon Type - icon or text.
    - Insert text.
    - Insert link.
    - Add content.
    Note: You can insertimage into content too.
  2. Position
    - Set up a horizontal position.
    - Set up a vertical position.
    - Tooltip position - set up the side, where the text will appear.

Tooltips settings:

  1. Position - where tooltip will appear
  2. Trigger - set up the condition when the tooltip will appear (hover or click of a mouse)
  3. Arrow - make it visible or invisible while hover the cursor on the tooltip
  4. Distance - between the tooltip and hotspot
  5. Delay in/out - time interval when the tooltip appears and disappears
  6. Width - width of the tooltip area


Any elements of the web-page can overlap one another in a certain order. zIndex is intended to adjustment of the positioning of the layer relative to other elements.

It is set up to 999 by default, but you can change it.

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