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The widget allows displaying the modal window in following situations:

  1. Timeout: will be displayed after the specified time.
  2. Window leave: will be displayed when the cursor leaves the window.
  3. Hover element: will be displayed when the cursor hovers over the element .
  4. Click element: will be displayed on clicking on the selected element.

Layout Settings

The following settings are available here:

  • Set timeout (sec) - the modal window will be displayed with the selected timeout.
  • Choose when to repeat the modal window.
  • Set the time period after which the modal window will emerge again.
  • Choose the horizontal position: center, top, bottom.
  • Set the horizontal offset.
  • Choose the vertical position: center, top, bottom.
  • Set the vertical offset.
  • Set the width of the modal window.
  • Decide whether the modal window is to close on clicking on the outside area of the window.
  • Decide whether to show or hide the Close button.
  • Set the margin between the columns.
  • Set the height of the modal window.
  • Select the position of the content within the window.

Style Settings

  • Set the background color.
  • Choose the background type, color and image.
  • Choose the background overlay type.
  • Set the color, size, margin and icon of the Close button.
  • Set the border type, radius and turn the box shadow on or off.
  • Choose the type of the Shape divider.
  • Typography - configure the settings for the heading, text, link, link hover.
  • Set the alignment of the text.

Advanced Settings

  • Advanced (padding, entrance animation, CSS ID, CSS classes).
  • Responsive:- Reverse column order - when the column order is reversed, the last column appears on top and vice versa.- Visibility - decide on which device the window is to be shown: desktop, tablet, mobile.

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