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Content Settings

Form Fields

To customize the Email button, click on it and you refer to the settings in the right side-bar:

  1. Set the label and placeholder (they must be similar to the name).
  2. Set the width of the column.

Also, here you can set up:

  • Input size.
  • Labels - show or hide labels.
  • Required marks - show or hide the Required mark (option is available when you turn Labels on).

Submit Button

The Submit button has the following settings:

  • Text - enter the input text of the button.
  • Size - set the size of the button.
  • Column width - set the width.
  • Alignment - set the position of the button within the section.
  • Icon - select the icon for the button.
  • Icon position - decide if the icon will appear before or after the text.
  • Icon spacing - set the distance between the text and icon within the button.

Form Description

  • Write a few words (rules, conditions, etc.), if need be. Edit text with simple text editor.
  • Set the alignment of the description.

Emails & Options

Here you can enter the text of the message that will be sent to the Customer after he/she has sent a message to you. Also, you can add a redirect URL. In this case, the message will be redirected to another page.

Style Settings


  • Set column and rows gap.
  • Set spacing, typography, text and mark color for Labels.
  • Set border width, typography, text, background and border color for "Success" message.

Form Description

  • Set padding of the description.
  • Choose text color.
  • Make typography settings - set size, font, style, letter spacing, etc.


  • Set text color.
  • Typography - set size, font, style, letter spacing, etc.
  • Choose background color.
  • Set border color, width and radius.
  • Set text padding.


The following setting are available for the Normal position:

  • Text and background color 
  • Typography
  • Border type and radius
  • Text padding

The following setting are available for the Hover position:

  • Color settings - text, background
  • Animation - set the animation for the section.


Advanced Settings

  1. Element Style (margin, padding, entrance appearance).
  2. Background & Border (type, radius, box shadow).
  3. Responsive (hide or show it on a desktop, tablet, mobile).

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