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With Buildify you can create an amazing page for Shopify store by drag and drop for minutes.

  • Create amazing pages in minutes with a powerful drag & drop page builder.
  • No more coding skills needed, just your imagination;)
  • Responsive design on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Let us introduce you one of the easiest page builders ever – Buildify! It is intended to make page building process fast and simple without coding skills. With an intuitive drag & drop system in less than 30 minutes you will get a complete custom page with amazing design.

Who needs Buildify?

Actually, Buildify is intended for everyone, who has some products for sale and want to make a page for them.

How it was before: you had to find some developer, pay him money, discuss design and structure of website or page, wait some time when he creates it. It takes days and even weeks. Now it’s not necessary anymore.

How it happens now: you download Buildify, create a page by yourself, add content and your page is ready! Work with articles, products, and landing pages.

Very quickly and easy you will get a ready-made page without any coding skills. Anytime you can edit information or design.


  • Grid System
  • Slides
  • Shopify Product
  • Contact Form
  • Gallery
  • Price Table
  • Progress Bar
  • Revisions
  • Templates
  • Countdown
  • Analytics
  • Video (YouTube)
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • And Much More...

Really easy to use

The principle of work is very simple – choose an option that you need, drag it to the place where you want to see it and drop. Change the size and color of sections, items, and text as you wish.

The option list is limitless. It gives space for imagination and opportunity to realize all your ideas about the appearance of the page and its structure.

List of drag and drop items includes such features like price table, grid system, contact form, etc. Combine them as you want and make a unique design and functionality of the page.

Thanks to Buildify you can:

  • create a beautiful page only by yourself;
  • customize your page easily anytime;
  • save your time and money.


Buildify gives an opportunity to check customers activity. Google Analytics and Yandex Metric are integrated into the app.

Use them to see how many customers and from what countries visit your store every day. Analysis of visitors behavior and assess website traffic can help understand what edit to the site and increase conversion.


When you click the "Save" button, the app makes a backup and save all changes. If your device unexpectedly turned off, you can easily restore the page with your settings. Last 7 changes will be available for you anytime you need. So, don’t forget to click on Save.


The app can be managed from different devices. Desktop, mobile or tablet – every device that you have just right now can be used to manage the page and information on it.

Furthermore, Buildify pages will look amazing on smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Your customers will always see beautifully organized content on their devices. And it’s always pleasant to choose products when the store’s page looks and works well.


You have no limits! You can create/edit any number of content pages/articles/products with an unlimited number of widgets.


Buildify has numerous templates that you can use for quick page building. In its library you will find templates with different design and colors. That makes the building process more easy, faster and comfortable for a user.

Also, you can create your own templates. For these users have a list of features that will help create new interesting themes.


We appreciate our users for their feedback because they help us understand how to improve the app and make it better. We are always happy to see your grateful comments. It means that we make our work not in vain.

Our team regularly update the app and add new interesting features. Be sure that you will get all new updates for free.


It’s very important to get a quality support in time. We are always ready to give it. From the right side of the page you can find a chat window.

We work every day. Feel free to contact us anytime. Write there your questions and support team will answer as soon as possible.

Our working hours: 10 am - 7 pm GTM +2.

Quick start video

If you want to see Buildify in action just right now, we’ve made a video guide for you. There you will see full process of page building. Watching video you can notice that it’s very easy and takes less then 20 minutes. Watch video

Demo Page

Look what an amazing page did we get with Buildify help! You can make the same and even better. Multiple settings gives opportunity to create different design of store’s pages. Everything you need – your imagination.

Partner friendly

We are Partner App from now! Affiliate (dev) online stores can install Buildify application and use it for free until the store for which the application has been installed, has a free Shopify affiliate.

A paid subscription of Buildify will be activated when the customer (store owner) wants to switch to the Shopify store's paid service plan.

As a result, developers and customers will not pay for the Buildify application as long as their online store is under development.


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